Quotation Inquiry

Taiping citizen and other parts of Perak and even Malaysian come and visit us or contact us for an quotation inquiry. We can calculate for you a cheapest Insurance and most important is we also will explain in detail about your coverage and your rights once you purchased it.

Other than that we also will explain to you each clause that most of people don’t know yet it is very important for you and your vehicle. With more than 2 decades experience and knowledge we pleasantly wanna share with all of you that Agensi Suria Padu provide a Free Towing for car accident at all peninsular Malaysia, at any state, north or south and also East Coast but there’s a term and condition applied.

You can simply whatsapp us or you can drop by at our office and please bring us your original gran  or photocopy and your previous policy either original or photocopy.

Below is the example of Gran and Policy